Discover Royal Night's Sleep With Linen Bedding

Discover Royal Night's Sleep With Linen Bedding

Snow-white linen bedding is a wonderful classic. For many centuries bedding was exclusively white, and only a few people could afford it. Only the aristocracy ordered sheets and pillowcases trimmed with lace and decorated with embroidery and monograms from seamstresses.

White embroidered bed linen was a luxury and the "stock" of such bedding has long been an indicator of the family’s position in society. Aside from being a truly royal attribute, linen bedding is still the key to a healthy night’s sleep. The fabric’s healing properties will give you a proper, beneficial night’s sleep.

Main benefits:

• Antiseptic;

• Linen bed sheets are breathable and absorb and remove moisture from the body;

• Thermoregulatory (cools you down when warm and warms you up when cold);

• Antibacterial properties (linen isn’t an environment conducive to bacteria or fungi);

• Static-free;

• Protects against UV rays;

• Hypoallergenic;

• Durable and strong;

• The fabric becomes softer and more manageable with every wash.

And this is still an incomplete list of all of the benefits of this noble fabric. Choose nothing but the best for yourself and be healthy! You deserve it, don't you?

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