How To Care For Linen?

It is still a common misapprehension that linen wares are complicated to care for. Flax has been cultivated and used in production of linen fabrics, that are natural and easy to care for, long before existence of dry cleaners and fancy detergents. Not sure how to care for linen garments? Let us provide you with some useful tips:

✔️ Wash your linen garments in a washing machine in lukewarm water (104F/40C) on a gentle cycle; 
✔️ Avoid bleaching and tumble drying as it can strip natural linen fibers; 
✔️ Hand or lie flat your linens to finish drying process; 
✔️ Linen wares can be ironed at medium-hot temperature if needed, but have a more refined look with natural wrinkles;
✔️ Store your linen garments in a cool and dry place.